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Is there anyone from the Caribbean here?
Bluegem Apr 6
Tanya to this and looking for soemone to chat with and see where thigs go...not into games and drama...anyone from cornwal and surronding area on here ..ontario 
Tanya Mar 31
i am Sandra and am new on this site and i am here for a serious relationship if you no you are not serious and you are not ready to meet me please dont waste my time by chatting with me because i am very very serious am 28 and i need a man who can control me as well and care for me at the same time .
sandra13 Mar 8 · Tags: love
Hey everybody my names Thomas and I'll warn y'all now that I'm bad at English and I'm new to this whole online thing but I've wanted to share my story for a long time now. As to hope that it may help someone out there besides me so I'm 30 now and I've had genital warts and herpes now for 12 years.Now at first as I'm sure we all did I crumbled and felt bad and embarrassed going to pick up my script which was valtex at the time which didn't work for me .So i was watching TV one day and it was around the time that they started making the one a day prunes in a big pack and that gave me a idea. So I started eating prunes everyday  and alot of them and i no what most of y'all aregoing to thinkand yeah at first they make you run to the bathroom a bit although after a week or so once your body gets used to them it's just like eating grapes just dried. I started off alil excessive with 7 in the morning and then 7 in the evening for at least a year or so and after that I started doing 7at nite which in my opinion is the best way if your going to do it so your body processes them over nite. The antioxidants in the prunes over time started preventing my out breaks to the degree as to where now I get a out break 3to5 times a year maybe or in a time of extreme stress and on top of that I don't even eat the prunes any more after keeping to the regiment of eating them daily for at least 4 years or so and still do if I feel a itch coming on and it still holds tied and true. So I'm am not making any guarantee that this method will work for everyone I just felt that I should connect and at least try just in case it does as it did for me. So if anyone wants to talk on thiswith me just send me a message or email if you want at 

Im a Mature Male recently diagnosed HSV2 due to a GF not telling me until after we had been together 10 months.......Im not past it I love women so think I should be looking for a similar partner so we both understand what we are doing......Id love to hear from any women around the Lincs area even if its just to chat make friends.......
barnsydog Jan 29 · Comments: 2
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