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Hi I'm hear to meet my soul mate I'm tired of being alone

Mskeisia Feb 10
I haven't been on this site for a long while, but I'm not looking for a woman I'm strictly straight and I want a genuine man who lives close to me in boise, idaho, I don't do long distant relationships, sorry.if anyone just wants to talk I'm up for that.
marim Feb 4
Anyone a hsv 2 carrier who is near Morgantown WV?
lrb9043 Dec 18 '16
randyd Nov 23 '16
Well, i am here to meet up new friends who shares same gift with me. I just didn't put up my picture but if you want i will send you one on private. This socisl stigma is still hunting me since i live in a very judgemental world. 
MariaMarion Sep 26 '16
Hi, I've been a member for close to two months, there is nobody so far local to my area on here and i live in a major city within a major county, I commented on my profile that I only want to meet someone that is local to my area within a reasonable distance yet I get messages and a wink from out of state members, so I edited my profile and rewrote the comment in all caps so that it is more clear. I am not new to online dating exactly but new to the Christian ones, it really irks me to no end when I am going through the photos and I see so many people who have posted their pictures but they look far from Christian in my eyes, call me a perfectionist, not intentional but as someone who values my beliefs and is straightforward, devoted and upholds my role as a Christian woman, why would I want to do or be anything less than that? What would be the point of allowing myself to live a worldly life and at the same time claim that i am a Christian? That would be hypocrisy and not upholding my Christian values, then I think, wWJT? (what would Jesus think?) I find that people feel like they have to be somebody else, that showing themselves as "sexy", posing in a "sexual" way, showing "sexually appealing body parts or clothing" is the way to attract a person to meet/date, we are not a species of bird or animal that has methodical rites by fluffing our feathers, showing off by exhibiting behaviors that attract a partner for propagation purposes so why do these members insist on exhibiting photos with these types of things?? Women showing their cleavage or posing in a sexually provocative way, posing with another person in the same way, too revealing of clothing, showing off tattoos and shirtless men showing off their physique... Isn't that the biggest problem in society today, living worldly? Not living the Christian life the way "God" wants us too? Since when has it become "OK" to live "lukewarm?"

 Revelation 3:15-16 "I know your works: you are neither cold nor hot. Would that you were either cold or hot! So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth."

This is just one reason we fall short of the Glory of God, we choose to live like a teeter totter, on the edge of falling off, but what side do you want to be on? What side should you be on? I am just putting it out there to serve as a reminder to everyone, me included, we must check ourselves from time to time to be sure we are consistently living the life of a "true Christian", the one God intended us to be..

Dwanna Sep 4 '16 · Comments: 5
What's up everybody I'm doing this grok my phone so I can't seer to get a real pic up at the moment but thought I'd try to see who's out there anyway my real name is tony by the way
tolooka Aug 21 '16
Hi everyone new here 
Traciefromnc Aug 17 '16 · Comments: 1
Hello i am new to this site i dont know how to get a message thrpugh.... I make it but no option to send
Hello new friends I've been on and off here for a few months now. I found out I had my gift around the same time as I was researching about herpes I came up on this site and q few others. And to be honest I am glad I did . it was nice to see and read that others understand what and how I feel.the doctors will tell you that you can't be sure when and how long you have had it.but the funny thing is we do for some of us or at least For me.I got mine because  of my ex boyfriend who cheated on me with other women . smh now I look back and wonder how didn't I see the tell tell sign's . I've known since April of this year and decided not to tell anyone that didn't need to no . but the burden of caring it to myself weighed heavy so I told my daughter a few days ago and she didn't care thank goodness. Out side my future soul mate it's my business or our business. It gets a little lonely for us . and if for nothing else at least we have each other right here so if you ever need a ear I'm here and I hope you do the same good luck to everyone be blessed

tammyt Aug 1 '16 · Tags: loving life
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