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Is there anybody out there...
Iv just joined and looking around there doesn't seem to be many people from the UK, ....?

Coocoocachoo Sep 29 · Comments: 2
I haven't had much luck dating and I'm just looking for some one that feels the same as I do message me if you wanna chat 
Shady Jun 12
Hey my names I'm Preston I'm 23,and I'm looking for some one in Niagara falls ontario to talk to 
Shady Jun 11

Hope is an amazing site! 

It' s the only free site I have found for people like us with an STD to meet.

Yes people I said it!

An STD!! If you're on this site chances are you have one. 

Stop being sad, stop being depressed or angry, this doesn't define you.

In the United states every 1 in 6 people have this virus. So chances are you see someone everyday who is just like you.

The people on this site are just like you.

You have a chance that many others don't realize for a long time, or at all.

You get to chose who you date more wisely.

You get to build an emotional investment with someone before you race off to have sex.

You have to evaluate who you are dating because you have this virus. 

When you go to tell someone about your gift, you have to ask yourself... "Do I trust this person? Am I comfortable enough to share my secret." 

Most people these days don't bother to emotionally or intellectually connect with someone. Now you get a second chance to think about if this is the right person for you. 

I had a relationship for 14 years with someone who didn't have this virus and never got it. 

We didn't last, but not because of HSV. 

This site let's us talk to each other for free. We don't have to pay to see if we like someone. Take advantage and appreciate that. Because if we don't utilize this website it will go away. Its not just about finding love but building friendships and connections. Our disease doesn't validate us.

Its our choice to let this define us. We can change the face of our disease. So, start a real conversation with someone and don't allow yourself to live a life less fulfilled because you don't think you deserve it!

Today is my second day on this site and I'm a little bummed that there is not more recent activity, however I remain optimistic.

I came to this site because I am ready to start dating again after being celibate for 4yrs. Because of this when I did my annual physical I had my doctor do my annual STD testing and low and behold I received a phone call that would forever alter my reality, I found out my herpes test came back abnormal. Needless to say I don't even know how I feel. All I could think about is if this could be passed on to my 13yr old by them eating or drinking out the same dishes, sleeping in my bed, or by me washing our laundry together.

So I started researching not for myself but for them, because no child deserves to go through life with something they got through no fault of their own. I am very grateful to learn that it can not be transmitted through any of the previously mentioned scenarios.

Celibacy is something that choose me however it was the BEST decision I never made. After loosing my husband a few years ago and getting back out there in the dating world I realize why I loved being married there are just too many people out here playing games, and NOT being honest. After dating a guy who LIED about everything (he lied so much if he told me good morning I would go outside to make sure it wasn't night time). So I decided I would take a break from the dating scene. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, months turned into years and 4yrs later here I am.

This is definitely NOT how I planned to get back out there however I figured rather than meeting someone that is not dealing with this disease, possibly falling in love, then telling them my status and have them run for the hills I would rather meet someone who knows exactly what its like and is dealing with the same situation.

I am NOT looking for a hookup, casual sex or to play house. I am already raising a child and I have NO intention of raising anybodys grown man. I am looking for a like minded individual who is GOD fearing FIRST, Honest, has a GREAT sense of humor and LOVES to travel. I would like to start out with emails and eventually when the time is right we can exchange numbers and then take it from there.

Pictures and personal information will NOT be shared until I am comfortable that I know all that I need to know to make an informed enough decision that whomever I am talking to is serious about a life partner and not just a one night stand. In this age of social media where people can be so cruel and inhumane I want to make certain that the person with whom I share my information and health status will guard the information with the same respect I will do theirs.

Testing once a more personal and eventually intimate relationship is established is MANDATORY! I literally just turned 46 and I did not expect to after all these years of being committed and faithful to the person I was in a relationship with that I would be diagnosed with an incurable STD, however I will not let it define me or stop me from finding the person that I am meant to spend the rest of my life with. However that being said only my herpes test came back abnormal (that in itself was too much, howver I can not change that now) but going forward I would like that to remain the only thing I have.

Anybody serious about getting to know more about me feel free to email me however please be aware that I do not have time for games, lies or someone looking for a one night stand. I am looking for a MAN of GOD who also understands that in life even when bad things happen to good people we can not let that define our reality. I am ready to start DATING and Living Life!!

Herpes will NOT define Me!

P. S I am an African American female looking to preferably dating an African American Male, but open to friendships with EVERYONE!!

LuciousLyps May 29 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2
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