Root causes of STDs

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Sexually transmitted diseases or STDs are taken very lightly by most people, because there isn’t much awareness about how STDs can impact a person’s life. If someone has a viral STD, then it can be controlled, but it cannot be cured; some of these lifetime STDs include HIV/AIDS, genital warts and human papilloma virus.

It is important to know if you have an STD, so that you don’t infect those, who you love. The survey that we conducted to find out how people have STDs, revealed many useful results. Perhaps the most alarming finding was that 9.96% of the people don’t know why they have an STD; the sample consists of 3716 people and 370 of those people didn’t know the cause of their STD.

If a person doesn’t know why they have an STD, they wouldn’t be able to warn other people. According to the findings, 2100 people, which is 55.44% of the sample knew that they got an STD from their boyfriend or girlfriend.


Sex education is given to students in every school, which begs the question as to why boys and girls don’t use protection, to save themselves from STDs.

Moreover, those adults who get STDs and use protection, may not follow the other suggestions for protecting yourself from STDs. Adults or those who are sexually active, need to get tested for STDs every now and then, so that they can protect themselves and their partner. 11.46% of the sample got STDs from their ex husband/wife or current husband/wife. It is a common misconception that if two people are married, they don’t need to get tested for STDs, when in fact they do because STDs can also happen when someone else uses your towel or somehow counters your bodily fluid.

20.75% of the sample got STDs from one night stand.


One night stands usually happens between strangers, who meet at a bar or any gathering. As they don’t know much about each other, or have no intention of meeting each other in the future, they usually don’t talk about STDs and that is a problem.

If any individual has an STD and doesn’t share that information with others, then that would be a problem. When it comes to STDs from a prostitute, or from sharing a towel and activities like sports, the percentages are quite low; 1.18, 0.97 and 0.24% respectively. Thus, it is advised that people should use protection to protect themselves from STDs, they should get vaccinated for hepatitis B and tested for HIV frequently, if they are sexually active. It is also a suggestion to make sure that you know about your sexual partner and you know whether they have an STD or not. If one person has an STD and they don’t share that fact with their sexual partner, then more than one person is most likely to be infected and STDs can be terminal as well like HIV, which doesn’t have a cure. It’s better to be safe, than to be sorry when you discover that you have a STD.

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