Do's and don'ts of dating with herpes

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Dating for people with herpes can be overwhelming. It might be extremely embarrassing to tell a new partner that you have genital herpes. However, herpes dating sites which many people use can be the perfect place to meet potential new partners and it can put an end to that embarrassing conversation which needs to be had if you do have herpes. However there are precautions that must be strictly adhered to if you must achieve success while dating with herpes.


1.Pat yourself on the back. Getting out there is a positive step in accepting your infection. After all, Herpes is just an infection. It does not have to rule your life, nor does it make a statement about the quality of the person that you are.

2.Reveal your News. It is very important to have honest and open communication with potential sexual partners. 

3.Improve your chances by seeking like-minded individuals. It is worth mentioning that the type of companion that you are looking for can go a long way towards accepting you. Find someone that will not quickly judge you.

4.Practice good personal hygiene: this is essential if you are herpes positive. Showering at least once or twice daily, when symptoms of an outbreak are present would be wise. You must use a clean washcloth every time you bathe. When you have cleaned your infected area, do not use the same washcloth to clean the rest of your body. It would be smart to wash your outbreak area last during a shower to avoid spreading the herpes. Broken blisters should be cleaned with soap and water to kill any viral fluid that may seep from the lesions. This also promotes healing. Try to keep the infected area as dry as possible, except when bathing.


1.Don’t engage in unprotected sex: Sex is a part of relationship. However, it is imperative for herpes’ patients to avoid unprotected sex. This is because transmission of herpes simplex virus is possible during sex. Use of condom is therefore recommended as a preventive measure. In addition, using suppressants such as acyclovir are also helpful. Read more about having sex with herpes at

2.Don't hide it: Do not worry about breaking the news, transmission of your herpes, and dealing with rejection. If you are into dating and seriously looking for a partner on herpes dating websites, it is important to confess about herpes in the initial stages of dating. It makes no sense to take the relationship ahead and later tell your partner about your medical condition. This can be a win - win situation for everyone involved. Consider dating sites that allow you to connect with others who also have genital herpes. This can take the pressure off you. These sites provide you with multiple formats for meeting a compatible partner. They are often free and it is easy to register.

3.Do not touch any lesions you have without washing your hands after wards. If you don't wash, anyone who comes in contact with the viral fluid left behind by anything you touch will contract the disease too. Using good hygiene makes sense and will keep your outbreaks to a minimum, as well as preventing anyone you're in contact with from contracting the disease too.

4.Do not forget that your love life as herpes is not a death sentence for your existing relationship or if you're looking for a new one. There is life after a herpes diagnosis or discussion, and although it is contagious, it does not have to be the end of the world. If you can honestly see yourself with this person one, two or even five years down the line; don't rob yourself of that love and happiness. Herpes transmission can be avoided with mutual respect and communication.

5.Don't share the wealth. If you are not under a physician’s care to help you manage outbreaks, then get there. Although it has no cure, but there are many treatments to reduce rate of occurrence. Contact your doctor to know the time you are most likely to be contagious and follow your treatment regularly. If it doesn't appear to be working for you, discuss other options.

While dating with herpes, be honest with your partner and in this amazing age of information, stay as healthy as you can, learn how to manage your stress levels to reduce your outbreaks and make use of the many natural herpes treatments available today.

Wish you all the best.

Hope Team.

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