Online Dating Safety Tips and Advice

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Hope is an online STD Dating and support community for people gifted with HSV and HPV. We have an extensive fraud prevention team that works round the clock to identify and investigate any suspicious activity. However, it is essential that our users follow a few precautions while using our services. We request you to take a few minutes and read the following tips:

Protect your finances: Abstain from sending money, especially overseas or via wire transfer. Users are advised to report such requests made by any other user immediately to us. Wiring money is not very different from sending cash. The sender has no protection against any losses and reversing these transactions or tracing the recipient is nearly impossible.

Never give your social security number, credit card information, bank account details to people you don’t know or haven’t met in person.

Protect your personal and online access information: Be cautious while sharing your personally identifiable information such as full name, email ID and residential address. You are always in control of your online dating experience – remain anonymous until you feel ready to take things forward. Also, abstain from including any personal contact information in your profile or pictures.

Follow extra caution while accessing your account from a public computer, so that others are not able to record your personal information or login credentials. If you share your computer with others, make sure to disable the auto sign in feature and clear passwords.

Hope never asks its users to send their username and password via email or any other communication media. Any such interaction shall be reported immediately to us.

Be web wise

Be careful of any communication that asks you to respond immediately often asking for personal information. There are certain red flags to watch when you're dating online as these may indicate the presence of a scammer.

Be wary while dealing with anyone who – 

  • Abruptly asks to talk or chat on an external email or messenger service.
  • Claims to be from the United States but currently living or studying abroad.
  • Asks you to transfer money.
  • Vanishes from the site and reappears using a different name.
  • Claims to have lost a partner.
  • Asks for your address under the pretence of sending gifts or flowers on a special occasion.
  • Makes too many grammatical errors.
  • Sends emails containing strange links of third party websites.

  • Be careful and use common sense while using the services of this site and interacting with other registered users. Block communication with that user immediately and report to us without further ado.

    Block and report suspicious users

    This site gives you the opportunity to block and report suspicious users from any profile page, email or IM window. Additionally, kindly report any user who violates any clause mentioned under our terms and conditions.

    Your involvement will keep the community free of scammers and fun to use.

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