Myths about Having Herpes

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Having herpes is not the worse outcome in the world. It’s not deadly and you can decrease the occurrence of outbreaks with the proper medication. There is so much ignorance causing your anxiety and the first step toward redefining its affect on you is to educate yourself.

How? By making this condition a little less scary. Our remedy is to negate the myths with facts and we’ll start with those that make you feel insecure about your status. Read below as we present the top 5 myths told about herpes.

Myth: People with Herpes Can’t Have a Sex Life
This is completely false. We wouldn’t recommend having sex while you are suffering an outbreak but we wouldn’t propose abstinence either (unless that’s what you want.) Outbreak or no outbreak? Herpes or no herpes? We always recommend practicing safe sex. Herpes is infectious (viral) through skin to skin interaction. This means that there needs to be a safety barrier between the skin whether it is through the genitals or orally. You can have sex as long as you prevent skin to skin contact.

Myth: My Outbreak Will Last Forever
Once again, false. It is true that herpes is a lifelong disease but there are lots of medications that can reduce the rate of outbreaks. In fact, some people have attested toward medications that have decreased the symptoms entirely. You’ll have to practice safe sex for the rest of your life but the outbreaks can and will go away eventually. Make sure you take care of your sexual health to ensure optimum results when using medication.

Myth: Herpes is specific to promiscuous people.
Actually, it isn’t. Herpes doesn’t discriminate against people who have lots of sex with random people. You can have sex with thousands of partners, not use protection and have skin to skin contact without catching herpes. On the other hand, you can be in a faithful relationship and spread herpes to your partner. It’s possible you were asymptomatic.

There is only one group that is excluded from the potential of catching this virus and that is people who get tested and practice safe sex.

Myth: People with Herpes Can’t Have Children
There are lots of sexually transmitted infections that can cause infertility. Fortunately, herpes is not one of them. Once again, herpes is transmitted through skin to skin contact. That means that the child has to touch the herpes sore in order to obtain the condition. It is possible but rare to contract herpes through vaginal delivery. Tell your health care provider and they will give you the proper advice to prevent transmission to your child after they are out of the womb.

Myth: Herpes can cause cervical cancer
You have mistaken genital herpes for genital warts. Also known as HPV, Human papilloma virus. Cancer results from HPV when abnormal cells divide uncontrollably. Lucky for you there isn’t a variable that can cause herpes to result in cervical cancer.

Myth: I am not worthy of a relationship because I have herpes
The worst part of having this condition is the stigma. The shame linked toward having herpes can be overwhelming. That is why it is important to redefine how it affects you. Your condition is limited to the experience of pain felt during an outbreak but it doesn’t mean that you can’t engage in the dating with herpes experience. There are people who will overlook your status because they see you as more than this disease. Release the anxiety and appreciate the other qualities that make you worthy of a relationship. Confidence is that bridge that will help you find the right person.

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