The Dos and Donts when having Sex with Herpes

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Having sex with herpes requires additional carefulness and taking some things into consideration. A diagnosis of herpes does not mean that it will be the end of your sex life. There are some precautions that you have to keep in mind to lessen the possibility of aggravating the condition.

Herpes is a serious condition that can transmit a virus from other, so the issue is how you can have sex with your partner if you have herpes? Could you still enjoy your sex life? Is it really possible to have sex with your partner and in what ways? This article will provide you with the dos and don’ts when having sex if you have herpes.

Dos and Don’ts when Having Sex with Oral Herpes
Oral herpes is typically provides fever blisters and cold sores. Although oral herpes symptoms are usually seen on or even around your lips, it is still not limited to that part. Given below are some of the things to keep in mind while having sex (oral herpes). These are as follows:

• Be more careful.
• Use protection to avoid direct contact. 

• Kiss other parts of the body aside from the lips since it can transmit the virus.

• Avoid kissing on the lips. 
By kissing on the lips, there’s a great risk that you can pass the virus.
• Have genital contact with an infected person.
Avoid having direct contact.

Dos and Don’ts when Having Sex with Genital Herpes
Even if you have genital herpes, you may still get pleasure from having sex with your partner, but the difference is that it becomes more complex. A little bit of carefulness and some reminders is a big must. Given below are the dos and don’ts that you must take into consideration when having sex. Here are as follows:

• It is advisable to use any kind of protection such as condom to avoid passing the virus. 
• Be more patient.

• As much as possible, avoid sexual activities while you have sores in your genitals or when you feel an outbreak of herpes is coming from anal sex and vaginal sex.
• Share sex toys. 
• Avoid being harmless.

Having herpes doesn’t mean that it is already the end for you. Take medications, but make sure that you will be more conscious of your health and eat properly.

Don’t pity yourself if you have this kind of disease. There are many available treatments that you can choose to treat all the symptoms of herpes and lessen the pain. You can still have sex with your partner, but you have to be careful as you are not the only one who is at risk. You can pass the virus to your partner if you are not careful.

Following these simple dos and don’ts can help you have sex with your partner in a pleasurable and safer way. Make sure to treat your condition as soon as you know that you have it.

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